Dr Demis Hassabis awarded Knighthood for Services to Artificial Intelligence

Dr Demis Hassabis, Queens' College Honorary Fellow, Fellow Benefactor and CEO of Google Deepmind, was one of three leading experts in the field of Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be awarded Honours by the King, on recommendation from the UK Prime Minister before Easter weekend.

Sir Demis is a co-founder of Deepmind, an interdisciplinary approach to building general AI systems, which is now a subsidiary of Google. He was also previously a member of an industry body created to advise the government on the promotion of AI technology.

We are delighted to offer our congratulations to Sir Demis on his recent honours award.

Delighted and honoured to receive a Knighthood for services to AI. It’s been an incredible journey so far building @GoogleDeepMind over the past 15 years, helping accelerate the field and grow the UK & global AI ecosystems. Thanks to everyone who helped make this dream possible!
Demis Hassabis (@demishassabis) March 28, 2024

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