Queens' alumnus awarded prestigious Fields Medal

Professor James Maynard receives the most distinguished award in mathematics for those under 40

Many congratulations to Professor James Maynard (2005) who was named a recipient of the Fields Medal award 2022.

The award has been likened to the Nobel Prize of mathematics and is highly prestigious. James was recognised for his ‘contributions to analytic number theory, which have led to major advances in the understanding of the structure of prime numbers and in Diophantine approximation.’

James came to Queens' in 2005 and studied maths. Since then, he has stayed in contact with Fellows who supported him during his studies and now pass on their congratulations for this momentous achievement.

“A Fields Medal is a truly fantastic achievement, many congratulations to James. I remember him as a very talented undergraduate and it’s wonderful to see how he has translated that early potential into such great success.”
- Claude Warnick (Anthony L Lyster Fellow in Mathematics)

"I was James’s Director of Studies, and in his first supervision report (for the introductory supervision) I wrote “Great - clearly a star in the making!”, and I’m delighted that he has indeed become that star. His research area is one that captivates anyone who loves mathematics, the puzzles of how the prime numbers are spaced out. It is very exciting that one of our students has gone on to make such a substantial contribution to number theory, and be recognised for it with this Fields Medal. We send James our heartfelt congratulations!"
- Julia Gog (David N. Moore Fellow in Mathematics)

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Image credit: Evan Nedyalkov

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