The Murali Travel Award

For current undergraduate students who wish to travel to a
country that they have not previously visited.

A palace in Vienna with a cartoon drawings of a stamp, an outline of the world and bags with a postcard in

The Murali travel award was generously proposed by alumnus Mr Ram Murali (LLM, 2004) to promote travel and exploration to a student at Queens'.

Throughout his life, Mr Murali has travelled wildly and now hopes to encourage future generations of young students to do the same. The recipient of this award will be able to travel to countries they hadn't visited before, to go out of their comfort zone, try new things and visit new places.

A total of £500 will be awarded on an annual basis to an undergraduate at Queens' .

The trip does not need to be related to their studies and can be solely for extra-curricular purposes. This award can be given as part of any project, expedition or trip involving initiative and industry which will assist in the growth of a student's personality, maturity and understanding of the world.

The award will be allocated by the Senior Tutor and Financial Tutor.

A collection of polaroid's featuring pictures of different places around the world, including the Trevi Fountain, a buddha lying on it's side and a mountain covered in snow