In Memoriam

Queens' Chapel

With sadness, Queens’ has received notification of the deaths of the following Members of the College:

Brian C. Brazier (1949)
Dr Norman E. Holden (1950)
George (David) Lock (1950)
John R. Madell (1951)
David J. Wood (1953)
Peter Boardman (1953)
Roger E. Thornton (1954)
Tony (Cecil) A. Y. Shephard (1954)
John Sutcliffe-Braithwaite (1955)
Ian McNeil (1955)
John (Clive) P. Dalton (1956)
Mark Hanna (1956)
Brian (Ben) E. Bennett (1957)
The Revd Brian E. Treharne (1957)
Nigel J. Hamilton, QC (1958)
Sir John M. Banham, DL (1959, Honorary Fellow)
Vice Admiral Sir Robert Walmsley (1959)
Dr Alan S. Coulson, MD, PhD (1960)
The Revd Peter M. Hartley (1960)
Professor Emeritus Michael R. Hodd (1960)
Paul (Andrew) Edmunds (1962)
Jonathan Noakes (1962)
Antony (Tony) Maxwell (1962)
Professor Richard Hills (1964)
Peter Roberts (1965)
Dr James Newton (1966)
Professor Tom Marsh (1979)
Dr Fiona E. Dehghani (2004)
Dr William Merry (2004)

We would be grateful to receive obituaries for any recently deceased alumni; please send them by email. Also, if you are aware of any recently deceased Queens' alumni not listed
above, please do let us know.

Lists of those who have died in previous years can be found in the College Record: